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  • 24x7guru.com is an online assessment platform for students from classes 3 to10.
  • It strengthens their academic foundation, by identifying their strengths and weaknesses in Maths and Science.
  • It enables conceptual clarity, rational thinking ability and analytical skills among students.
  • The tests are scientifically designed for assessment
  • The test packs have multiple-choice questions.
  • The objective questions are diagnostic in nature, and application oriented.
  • All assessments from classes 3 to 10 are fully web-based.
  • The tests focus on fundamental and conceptual learning.
  • All test packs are term-based and chapter-based.
  • They are customised to suit the school curriculums.
  • These assessments give detailed analytical reports.
  • It costs only INR 5 a day.
  • The test packs come in two variants,Chapter- wise and Periodic.
  • The website serves as a nursery for aspiring students of engineering, medicine, management and GRE.
  • You can attempt these tests three times, each test has 20 questions.
  • In total there are 60 questions for each type (chapter wise or periodic).
  • Questions will appear according to your performance. You will get a chance to attempt all sixty questions.
  • Onscreen display of graphical representation of test scores with performance feedback.
  • Assessment is based on psychoanalytical, psychometric, computing and learning ability trackers.
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