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To foster greater effectiveness to the students’ learning curve, Learnsmart India Pvt. Ltd., conceived 24x7guru.com portal. This portal aims to provide a smart learning environment through online applications, in the present digital world. The convergence of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) with education has served as a stimulus for Learnsmart to create 24x7guru.com to bring quality education closer to home.

24x7guru.com with its unique applications seamlessly assesses the conceptual understanding and comprehension of the student in maths and science. It pioneered in enabling comprehension of concepts through tests by replacing rote learning. 24x7guru.com revolutionized the existing market with its latest generation applications, which intelligently test the cognitive skills of individual children.

A set of new questions appear each time a student attempts to answer. Designed scientifically, to match various complexity levels this application is customized to suit specific parameters. In effect, it scales the learning curve of each student. Learnsmart recognizes that individual learning styles are unique for all students. Besides enhancing cognition, it triggers spawning of functional understanding of science and maths concepts among students.

Questions are objective in nature. Display of instant results with analytical performance feedback, pops up with each test, after each attempt. It maps the progress, highlighting the strengths and areas of improvement for each student. With amazing alacrity, 24x7guru.com has successfully carved a niche for itself because of its unique offering of superior solutions to education in maths and science. ICT has played a pivotal role in the architecture of this online platform to consolidate education.

Alluding to the ancient traditions of the seven liberal arts called the seven sciences–consisting of grammar, rhetoric, logic, geometry, arithmetic, music, and astronomy; Learnsmart took a 360 degree approach by including an English module. 24x7guru.com tries to make the learning pursuits more dynamic through language skills. Today, more than ever before knowledge without self-expression and articulation is lifeless.

Several recognition, trophies, and accolades have come our way. It has reinforced our pledge for excellence to provide innovative learning solutions to every student. World Education Summit honoured Learnsmart in 2011 and 2012 with its Award in New Delhi. Received The Asian Learning and Leadership Award for the Most Innovative Learning Solutions in Dubai in 2012, eIndia Award and eIndia Certificate of Recognition adds to the bouquet.

We are committed to providing excellent and innovative learning solutions to groom the leaders of tomorrow.


1. Actor Amir Khan of Bombay film industry launched DESTINATION NASA, through Learnsmart’s Knowledge Challenge Contest. Learnsmart rewarded ten of its highest performing students with an all paid trip to NASA in the USA. DESTINATION NASA was a pan India contest covering twelve cities in Phase 1.

The Journey - motivating merit and fulfilling dreams

2. A flag off by Dr. Kalam at the American Centre from New Delhi.

3. Invitation from the Indian Embassy, Washington DC for Hi-tea.

4. An Astronaut Training Experience (ATX) at NASA's Kennedy Space Centre.

5. The First Online Quiz in UAE, Minds in Action, December 2011.

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