Leaves are green and apples are red,
So many colours in my little head.
One by one I pull them out,
And paint my canvas bright no doubt.

A stamp so ancient I recently found,
Bought from Uncle John for a pound.
Exchanging stamps can be such fun,
Stamp collection? Oh, I have tons!
Pursuing your hobbies and enhancing your talent is as important as performing well in school or learning etiquette.
Remember, all work and no play do make Jack smart, but dull too.
And none of our 24x7guru champions can be dull!
So pull out your paints and brushes, your pottery kit or sports raquets, your stamp or coins collections for Guru Talent now gives you the perfect platform to share all your great work with your friends!
Guru Talent - a feature designed for our subscribers, that encourages the child to recognize his gift and helps augment it.
For the Arundhati Roys, M. F. Hussains and Sania Mirzas of tomorrow, need to be appreciated today!