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What is helps in holistic learning through assessment tests.

  1. Test packs by contain individual tests for all maths and science chapters for classes III to X.
  2. Each test consists of 20 questions, you can take tests on each chapter only three times
  3. This online assessment platform, allows students to take a test anytime, anywhere, at their own pace within a broad timeline
  4. A graphical representation of test scores with feedback on performance is instantaneously displayed.
  5. helps students to track their performance periodically, to assess their performance in a particular subject.
  6. You will get to answer all the 60 questions. Each test has a set of 20 questions, remember? However, based on your performance easy or difficult questions will appear.

What are the minimum system requirements necessary for running works best on Windows operating system. Either with Internet Explorer 6.0 and above or Mozilla Firefox. The screen resolution should preferably be in 1024 X 768. Internet connection should be DSL 128 KBPS or above..

What are the subjects on which these test packs are available?

Test packs are available for Maths and Science, for CBSE, ICSE and State Board curriculum from classes III to X. Plus 2 and International Baccalaureate curriculums are in the pipeline.

Please brief us in detail about the benefits of

These diagnostic multiple-choice test questions are objective, which help the students to improve themselves. Even aspiring engineering, medicine, management and GRE students can benefit from them. These tests assess the in-depth knowledge and understanding of maths and science.

A ‘test pack’ allows a student to do the following

(a) Take chapter - wise tests in Maths and Science. Take tests 3 times.
(b) Take periodic tests. These are quarterly and yearly exams, as per the common school procedures.

You can take a test 3 times. Each test has twenty questions. In any event, you have an option to take a test later, by clicking on pause.

Do I have to attend any lectures?

No. is an online assessment portal. It does not involve attending any lectures

Do you offer the subscriber any certificate?

No. We do not give any kind of certificate to our subscribers. However, the student has an option of printing their respective scores for their record and reference.

How many tests are available per chapter, per subject?

Test packs by have individual tests for all math and science chapters for classes III to X. Tests on each chapter can be taken for three times Each test have 20 questions, making a total of 60 questions per chapter.

What are the benefits of offline application?

It enables its subscribers to take their assessment test offline.

How does this application work?

The offline application is a desktop application based on Microsoft .NET Framework. This application works both online and offline. Few activities depend on Internet connectivity like:

  1. First time login
  2. Synchronization of your subscription data
  3. Test download and
  4. Result upload
Tests can be taken without Internet connection once download is complete.

What are the advantages of offline application?

Most importantly it prevents i) frequent disconnections and ii) interruptions due to slow Internet speed.

What is synchronization?

It is a process by which data on the remote server and client machines (subscribers) are exchanged with the latest information.

How do I change my password?

Once you log on to the website, click on "My profile" where there is an option for changing your password.

I forgot my password, what do I do?

After you log on to the website, click on "Forgot Password" enter your login id and click on submit. Your password will be emailed to your Primary Email ID.

Can I cancel the subscription?

Subscription cannot be cancelled. It is for 1 academic year.

How does my account get activated after I have made the payment?

  1. Your account will get activated immediately, if the payment has been made through credit card.
  2. Your account will be activated upon receipt of your DD, if payment is made through a Demand Draft.
  3. And if you have made your payment through Cash deposit, you then need to ensure that the original pay in slip reaches us.

Whom do I contact if I have any trouble with payment and activation of my account?

Send your mails to, we will revert to you within 24-48 working hours.

Whom do I contact if I have a content related query?

Send your mails to, we will forward it to our content expert team. We will revert to you within 24-48 working hours.

Whom do I contact if i face any technical difficulties navigating through the website?

Send your mails to , we will forward it to our technical support team. We will revert to you within 24-48 working hours.

Is this a replacement of my teacher?

Never! This is not a replacement of a teacher. The role of a teacher is invincible and we at 24x7guru not only realize it, but also have great respect for it. This is a practice session that will help you brush up on your skills and build your confidence with every test.

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